Johnson County and Crowley New Construction

Curious About New Construction?

If you're curious about new construction in the Johnson County or Crowley area, there are currently some excellent incentives!  

Some of the things we are seeing right now include:

  • Interest rate buy downs.
  • Closing cost assistance
  • Upgrades that the buyer would normally have to pay for.

In some cases a new home could be more affordable from a monthly payment standpoint than a previously owned home, just because of the rate buydown assistance from the builder.

Do I even need a Realtor® if I'm buying a new home?  

Yes!  A good Realtor with experience working with builders is a huge benefit.  Having someone that represents you and not the builder could prove to be invaluable.  

Can I get a better deal if I don't use a Realtor®?

No.  Because builders get such a big portion of their buyers from Realtors, the fee they pay to your buyer's agent is built into their marketing budget.  

Are the homes on the list below the only ones available?

No.  These are just the ones that have been listed with a Realtor® and put on the MLS.  Please contact me to get a list of other available homes.

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